Online & SEO Optimization

We understand the role that digital and online media have to play in today’s media world. Our teams are experts at understanding the online consumer and guiding and influencing them in their decision making process. We think it is vital that all of our planners incorporate online media planning and buying at the core of their CLIENTs’ business.

We deliver cohesive advertising strategies that incorporate all media in the correct combinations to provide effective solutions in reaching the target audience. By optimising campaigns we can ensure that you receive maximum media value.

We offer a complete in–house SEM (Search Engine Marketing) facility. Managing campaigns from set up and keyword generation through to constant optimisation. We also run thorough SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) campaigns for our CLIENTs analysing current performance, competitive analysis and site critiques.

Pan Media also perform a wide range of additional online media services, including:

  • Email Marketing
  • Online sponsorship
  • Interactive TV
  • Video Advertising