Pan Media Character Traits

Courage – The strength to always do what is right, regardless of the consequences; the strength to move beyond one's own comfort zone

Honesty – In everything we do, honesty is essential to trust and trust is a basic element in all forms of human communication

Unselfishness – True happiness comes from being able to give to others and enrich their lives; it's is okay to take as much joy and happiness out of life as you want, as long as you always put in to life more than you take out

Self-Discipline – The ability to implement change in one's own life; the intestinal fortitude to see things through

Self-Respect – Respect for self leads to respect for others

Accountability – The foundational element for organizational effectiveness; everyone must be able to rely on you to handle your responsibilities and follow through on your commitments

Dedication to Others – As the company is dedicated to each employee, so each employee is dedicated to their colleagues' and our customers' well-being; we will never do anything to compromise the best interests of our CLIENTs for the best interest of ourselves