Branding & Launch Campaigns

Pan Media is an independent media planning and buying agency with the capacity to provide brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition and launch strategies. At Pan Media we believe that excellent media planning and buying is not just a matter of money, response and analysis.

We take great care in planning our CLIENTs campaigns. By identifying the people they should be talking to and tracking their media behavior we can relate the best combination of media to reach them. We use a variety of media resources to tell you what they're reading, listening to, looking at and what your competitors are doing to reach them.

Our expertise in providing mixed media solutions which combine both offline and online media ensures all media is used to its full advantage to drive interest in our CLIENT’s brands.

We also understand that a good relationship with media owners can make all the difference when it comes to our CLIENTs. Regular meetings with media owners in press, TV, posters, radio, cinema and online give us a deep understanding of new developments and opportunities that we can offer our advertisers.

All our staff are trained to get the best deals for our CLIENTs and use targeted bespoke planning and buying solutions to provide CLIENTs with the best coverage for the least spend.